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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A most horrific visit

Okay, maybe horrific is too strong a word, but I was left speechless by the state of the combined cemeteries I visited yesterday. Typical for the area in which I live, these were historic African-American cemeteries left to disappear. I have seen overgrown cemeteries and those forgotten by time, but these took the cake. To add insult to injury, at the back you could look over a chain link fence to the perfectly manicured lawns of a lovely, historic (originally white) cemetery. I just wanted to cry for all those forgotten souls there yesterday.

I wandered with my dad and stepmother as we looked from overgrown plot to destroyed stones, to abandoned areas with our mouths gaping, trying to understand how anyone could ever let a cemetery get in this state.

Here are my pictures. They can tell the story better than I. There are headstones in every one of these photos; you just have to look closely: http://spirit-dust.smugmug.com/Cemeteries/Florida/San-Sebastian/17177565_TVcCBT#1302327875_XT2Z75q

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  1. Reprehensible. I am so, so sad for those people who've been forgotten there.